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2005-12-29 10:24 pm
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Fic Quote: Coexistence

*manic giggle* omg, I love this... http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1097925/16/

“That language you were attempting to speak ... was that Parseltongue?” At Peter’s hesitant nod, Severus nodded more firmly, satisfied. “I withdraw my previous question. If I were a parselmouth, I wouldn’t want Dumbledore to know either.” A twisted expression. “Especially considering how he already feels about you.”

“Point taken.” Peter nodded. “I have the utmost respect for the Headmaster ... but he does seem to jump to all the wrong conclusions about Harry, doesn’t he?”

It was a rhetorical question, and happily Severus decided to treat it as such. “So ... is this whole ‘attempting to speak Parseltongue’ thing a private party, or can I join in?”

Peter laughed. “You can’t possibly do any worse than I’m doing now. Okay, so here’s what we’re trying to say ... sorta.” He hissed a long string of meaningless syllables, then flinched. “Well, actually, that means ‘sponge’ ... but ...”

Severus, after fixing the sequence firmly in his mind, cleared his throat self-consciously and spoke.

“Sorry. Harry says that means ‘toast’.”


“Um ... ‘rabid dog’?” Feeling it was unfair to load all the criticism, Peter took another whack at it. “Damn.”

Severus raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Blank stare. “What?”

Blink. “What did that mean?”


“Yes, you said that already ... but what’s the translation?”

Peter snorted. “Now we sound like some sort of two bit comedy team ... I meant that the translation of what I said just now was ‘damn’.”

“Oh.” Severus rolled his eyes – at himself, Peter, or possibly Harry; he wasn’t quite sure which – sighed, and went back to trying.

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2005-12-07 10:05 pm
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Fic Quote

"You're not a traitor.  You're bitter, it's true."

"Don't forget ugly."

"I shouldn't distinguish that with a response.  You have grace, power, intelligence, wit.  I think the only thing that prevents others from getting close to you is your resemblance to a porcupine."

-- What Might Be Done
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2005-12-03 01:22 pm
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Fic Quote of the Day: The Horse by Elsa2

“So, the revenge thing is still on?”

“It was never off.” Draco’s brow furrowed. “Um, have you any idea what a Klingon is?”

“Nope. Why?”

“Well, Professor Snape mentioned them once. I think they’re a group of people. Maybe from South East Asia. He said that there’s an ancient Klingon saying: ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’.”

Harry didn’t have any idea what Klingons were. “Mongolian, perhaps? Genghis Klingon?”

“Dunno. What’s a Genghis?”

“I’ll ask Hermione.”


He asked Hermione. She laughed. And laughed harder when he said it was Snape who’d told Draco about the Klingons.

“Honestly, Harry, haven’t you ever read Star Trek: a History?”

And she kept laughing and wouldn’t tell Harry why.

-- The Horse by Elsa2

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2005-09-27 10:19 pm
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*not spamming*

Snape said, "I thought you weren't trying to seduce me."

"I'm diplomatically not-mentioning I have a hard-on you could hammer nails with," said Harry. "So as to make things easier for you."

Snape snorted.

-- http://www.kardasi.com/HPSS/Wave-2/donor-predatrix.htm
(The writing style's a bit choppy and needs some work in transition, but not too bad so far.)

EDIT! *dies laughing*
"Neville is not some evil all-powerful monster whose tentacles of malice reach all over Hogwarts."

Severus looked at him sideways. "Are you sure?"

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2005-09-24 11:02 pm
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*giggles immaturely*

"Excuse me?"

"The dogweed serum has gone over. We'll have to send Barty to get some more."

"Did you say 'fuck my cock'?" she asked incredulously.

He paused at the expression on her face. 'No."

"Yes you did. Just now."

"I said no such thing." He turned partially away from her to check a dial.

"You said 'fuck my cock.'"

"So what? Shut up and work, will you, we're wasting time."

She laughed. "Who says that?"

"Quiet! Work!' he snapped, thrusting a pair of potions at her.

She snickered and took them, shaking her head. 'What a prat you are." She sighed.
She snickered and took them, shaking her head. 'What a prat you are." She sighed. After a moment, 'You never answered my question. What do you think he's using this for?"

Severus shrugged. 'Assassination. It kills in larger doses, though administered a bit at a time it's quite effective for torture...causes a most unpleasant burning and cracking of the skin. Given with a clover-based balm it makes peeling back fingernails fifty times more painful. Mixed with carrionweed and given in a dropper it'll dissolve the eyeball into a white, veiny foam. Saw it done once, actually, amazing to watch. Yet it's so versatile, add some vodka and you have a very effective decongestant. Lovely thing." He shook his head in amazement, his eyes alight.

She smiled at him. "Fuck my cock."

"God, I always walk in at the best moment," came a voice from the door.


He looked to the couch. The soft, green, inviting couch. Sleep on me, it purred, bury your face in my pliant, breast-like pillows. I want you, Severus. We need each other.

"Oh God, yes," he said.

-- http://www.geocities.com/grindylowe/deatheat1.html

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2005-09-19 05:30 pm
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Fic Rec: Pale Green

He looked up at Snape, and for a moment, he felt as though he'd forgotten to put his glasses on. Everything was unclear.

- Pale Green
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2005-09-16 08:02 am
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Fic Rec: Loving Potions

"Are you trying to tell me something?" Snape asked, and then he took another sip from his cup.

"I think so."

"You do realize that language is also an effective means of communication?"

"Sev, stop teasing me and tear off all your clothes, okay?"