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>< wtf? Mom mentioned she needed to make an appt for a haircut, and I told her I needed to get one too soon, she got this weird "haircut? you?" expression and asked, "why?"

"because I want it shorter?"

so I showed her the haircuts i'm considering, and she got that skeptical "yeah, right" look and was all "you know your hair isn't straight, right?"

I know what my hair is like - hell, I've had it short before, I know how it acts!

and when i pointed out that this point  at chin length and above is straight, always has been, she was like, "maybe we need to stop talking, 'cause I don't need a snippy conversation after the week I had."

the fuck? how was my response snippy?

earlier she was telling me about Chelsea's asking what i'm doing for the kids for xmas, mom said she doesn't talk to me enough to know. Seriously, wtf? at least i make a freaking effort - she's happy to talk my ear off about stuff i wasn't involved in, but the second i mention anything me-related, i get cut off.

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