Sep. 27th, 2005

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*cringe* I don't normally do this but... Bad!fic Alert!

"Time After Time"

It reads like a bad, extra campy made-for-tv B-movie AU. O_o; Apparently
anyone can join the Order of the Phoenix, if they want "extra training in
defense", Harry's "codename" is "The Gamemaster", and the order is run by a
fifty-something guy we've never seen before called only "The Colonel". The
author apparently doesn't like using appostrope's for posessive terms and/or
names, and young!Snape isn't paranoid or even cautions of the new kid
that just sat next to him. Oh, and they use Muggle army time and terminology, too.

....*headdesks repeatedly* Trust me dearies, don't bother with this fic.
Your brain will esplode.

In other news... Sorry I didn't answer last night, Bri and Kyle. I forgot to
put my Status on Invisi... *was sleepin'*
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"I'm not afraid of death," Potter finally says, voice flat and neutral.

Draco remembers a night not so long ago, when there was lightning, and a cliff, and a hysterical cry that told Draco more things than the mere words could have.

"Because it's easy?" he asks softly.

"No," Potter says, turning, finally looking at Draco. "Because I have nothing to be scared for."

Which is, Draco thinks, Potter's way of saying that he has nothing to live for.

Note: Will post proper rec on my site later tonight.
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Remus: *sprouts tentacles and molests Severus*
Severus: *raises eyebrow*

....yeeeeah, Hyde and Warrick aren't allowed to watch hentai while I'm reading HP smutt anymore. >_>;
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Snape said, "I thought you weren't trying to seduce me."

"I'm diplomatically not-mentioning I have a hard-on you could hammer nails with," said Harry. "So as to make things easier for you."

Snape snorted.

(The writing style's a bit choppy and needs some work in transition, but not too bad so far.)

EDIT! *dies laughing*
"Neville is not some evil all-powerful monster whose tentacles of malice reach all over Hogwarts."

Severus looked at him sideways. "Are you sure?"

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