Sep. 16th, 2005

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"Are you trying to tell me something?" Snape asked, and then he took another sip from his cup.

"I think so."

"You do realize that language is also an effective means of communication?"

"Sev, stop teasing me and tear off all your clothes, okay?"

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grawr... someone entertain meeeeeee! *whimper*

also! people need to remind me to scan those sketches of Draco i did last night... the little prat made me come up with a completely different art style than i normally do juuuust for him. *sigh* does looks spiffy, though.
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Love takes off the masks...
"Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within."

You love the thought of Snape and Harry using one another as a means of escaping the coldness of reality in a few minutes of warmth. Though it is usually an unconcious decision, when your boys fall in love all
of the masks come off. Your favourite stories most probably include a lot of angst, confusion, and sex. Wahoo!

What Snarry-applicable Quote Are You?

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[ profile] ivyadrena: ...I JUST realized that that little trowel-thing is the spoony-thing used in making absinthe. *facepalm*
[ profile] tora_kun: <<;
[ profile] tora_kun: trowel..thing?
[ profile] ivyadrena: *points* top left thingy by the glass
[ profile] ivyadrena: it looks like a damn trowel!
[ profile] ivyadrena: for gardening!
[ profile] ivyadrena: and i was all, "wtf, why is that trowel by teh glass of liquid drugs/booze?"
[ profile] tora_kun: ...ah.
[ profile] tora_kun: I see <<;
[ profile] ivyadrena: >>; yes. exactly.'s probably rather telling of my mental stability when she says to me, quite out of the blue, "hey, figure out how you die, for the second time.", and I don't find it strange in the least. O_o;

On a semi-related note, I recently got a new Voice shoved into my head. Her name's Echo, and she apparently isn't in the habit of talking very often.

[ profile] tora_kun: do something cool >>;
[ profile] ivyadrena: wtf... my lj client is trying to tell me that i posted an entry... tomarrow. O_o;
[ profile] tora_kun: ... well.
[ profile] tora_kun: you're time-travelling now o_O
[ profile] ivyadrena: "your most recent post was at 2005-9-17 12:21"'s the 16th, at 10:54.
[ profile] ivyadrena: apparently.
[ profile] tora_kun: freeeeaky. *pokes you to see if you're here now*
[ profile] ivyadrena: *wriggles*

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