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"Excuse me?"

"The dogweed serum has gone over. We'll have to send Barty to get some more."

"Did you say 'fuck my cock'?" she asked incredulously.

He paused at the expression on her face. 'No."

"Yes you did. Just now."

"I said no such thing." He turned partially away from her to check a dial.

"You said 'fuck my cock.'"

"So what? Shut up and work, will you, we're wasting time."

She laughed. "Who says that?"

"Quiet! Work!' he snapped, thrusting a pair of potions at her.

She snickered and took them, shaking her head. 'What a prat you are." She sighed.
She snickered and took them, shaking her head. 'What a prat you are." She sighed. After a moment, 'You never answered my question. What do you think he's using this for?"

Severus shrugged. 'Assassination. It kills in larger doses, though administered a bit at a time it's quite effective for torture...causes a most unpleasant burning and cracking of the skin. Given with a clover-based balm it makes peeling back fingernails fifty times more painful. Mixed with carrionweed and given in a dropper it'll dissolve the eyeball into a white, veiny foam. Saw it done once, actually, amazing to watch. Yet it's so versatile, add some vodka and you have a very effective decongestant. Lovely thing." He shook his head in amazement, his eyes alight.

She smiled at him. "Fuck my cock."

"God, I always walk in at the best moment," came a voice from the door.


He looked to the couch. The soft, green, inviting couch. Sleep on me, it purred, bury your face in my pliant, breast-like pillows. I want you, Severus. We need each other.

"Oh God, yes," he said.

-- http://www.geocities.com/grindylowe/deatheat1.html

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