Oct. 13th, 2009 02:34 pm
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It feels like my life has taken a turn for the better (*knocks on wood*). Despite being summoned for jury duty yesterday (yes, they were open on Colombus Day, for some reason), I had my first night shift at work... and so far, I really like it there! It's basically me, two other line haul people (I'm their new assistant, basically), and the cleaning lady (Paula - really nice :) in the entire building! Is interesting.

-- Oh! I can't remember if I actually mentioned what my new job is, lol! My official title is Line Haul Assistant (oddly proud I'm not a secretary anymore, definite step forward) at a long-distance trucking company; I work 5PM to 2 AM, and basically do crisis management after hours - we cover a lot of the stuff that would otherwise be handled by at least 4 separate departments during the day; driver management, building/planning loads, scheduling home time for drivers, taking care of any trouble they encounter when picking up/dropping off loads, stuff like that. The part that really makes us crazy-busy is that the company has around 500 drivers. xD; Yeah.

Anyway, Scott and Erika both said they were impressed with how I handled the insanity, jumped right in and started answering phone calls, etc., even though it was officially my first day of actual job orientation (last week was hazmat/safety/drugs/alcohol/driver training, meeting all the different departments, etc.).

It was actually a lot of fun. :D
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Tracy didn't get the job in Canada, but he DID get another tentative job offer. This time? In Key West.

a) It's expensive as fuck to live down there
b) I don't wanna fucking move so far, goddamnit!
c) What the fuck

It's still tentative, but if it does end up going through and Tracy takes it, he'll go down for a while in mid-July to see how it works out, and then have mom and me join him some indeterminate time later.

Maggie called me earlier today and said that she's looking for an apartment and would let me crash on her couch until I could find a job in Tampa (which would be a hell of a lot easier than Lakeland), but I'm not really sure of the timeline, and didn't know about the Key West thing until later. Will have to call and ask, if she doesn't read this first.

Blah. I hate moving around, damnit. I require security and stuff. >_<
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I've officially been laid off. Goddamnit.


Dec. 30th, 2008 07:12 pm
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According to Tracy, Michael is considering laying me off completely, even though he no longer has to pay Natasha, since her two weeks' notice was up a while ago.

Tracy, for some reason, suggested that I go to college full-time this semester (which would be 7 classes, for reference). I'm all for that, except it doesn't make any sense, as I can't exactly afford to take more than two classes per term (one of which he pays for) plus books even when I am employed full time. Even when I'm making minimum payments (which I hate doing in the first place), my monthly bills come to around at least $400-$450ish, and that's when I don't spend money on anything other than bills and the occasional grocery run.

Where am I supposed to get the $225 per class (plus books)? ETA: Tracy's apparently going to put off buying a car and lend me the money to take 5 classes and the books.

Gonna check in to financial aid and see what scholarships I can get, too.

I have to go in to see a counselor on Monday anyway, since PCC's epically stupid online registration process isn't letting me register-- basically, once you have a certain number of credits, a block is set so that you're required to register for a math class before it will let you register for anything else. I absolutely refuse to take a math class this term.

So, I'm basically stuck: I have to physically go in to the counselor's office, and have them override the compulsory block to register. I will be so fucking pissed if the Honors Psychology class I'm wanting is booked by then. (Especially since I already bought the book *cough* and it's my freaking major.)

Sigh. Anyone interested in commissioning me for art or web design? I'd really prefer to mooch as little as possible, here. ;-;


Dec. 19th, 2008 02:37 pm
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The email:

I'm just throwing this out there. I don't want want to be a party-pooper but uh, I'm suggesting a moratorium on trail mix. Just an idea, don't want to take anything away from anybody's office experience but my willpower is pathetic so I thought I'd just run this up the flagpole and see if it flies.

Jon Adams
Director of GIS
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His email to me )

My Reply )

Maggie has generously offered to report him to the Better Business Buearu, something which I've finally accepted.

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Yeah, my boss is officially a fucking moronic jackass. Today is payday for Tracy and I, right? Right. Michael gave us our checks, but conveniently "forgot" to sign the damned things. Nither of us noticed until AFTER he left and we got to the bank. My teller had to point it out to me.

Tracy promptly called Michael and told him. So apparently we're going to meet him at the office tomorrow at around 9 AM to get them signed, then off to the bank with us.

Bastard. I fully suspect that he did it intentionally.
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#4441 +(888)- [X]

[Euri] They should make an idiot mode. Whenever you try to alter something you shouldn't, a big smily shiny thing would come out of the computer and momentarily distract the silly person doing something naughty, and the computer would then pick itself up and fly out the window to safety.

...I'm particularly in support of this one, considering how my boss will mess with Start-up and System Configurations when he has fits at bounced emails half the time. -_-;

The phrase, "What did you break?" has become my default response when one of the guys calls my name in that "..oh, crap" tone of voice. Sadly, that's quite often the correct reply.


Oct. 11th, 2006 12:06 pm
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My boss had to leave for a meeting that's apparently gonna last the rest of
the day, right? Right.

My boss's water heater at home is acting up, and they're sending someone
over to fix it "sometime before 6 PM". Mmmmyeah, skeptics-ahoy.

Obviously, he won't be around to let them in.

...so, this is how I find myself sitting in front of my boss's home
computer, working on the company's website. >.>;

Yay for not having to answer phones?
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Again, work today sucks muchly. *headdesks repeatedly*

Teh Sebring CRA is full of dunderheads that can't stick to a damn

guh... someone please remind me to finish adjusting the 800x600 layout
option for http://ivygardens.net tonight, please. tankie~

*wanders off to clean the disaster area her boss calls a desk* ~_~()
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*hiss* I had to get up an hour earlier than i normally do because we had a
staff meeting, right?

.....the meeting ended up being cancelled, because NO ONE FUCKING SHOWED UP!


today sucks for more than that, but that's the morning's highlight. more
ranting later when i'm not getting twenty things chucked at my head to do
aaaaall at the same time.
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so. anthony's bribing me with $100 and coffee to do his English 105 and ITS proficency tests for him for his online bachelor's degree. i've pretty much already done his math, which is sad cause he sucks worse than i do, and i managed a 100% score after fixing most all of his answers. for which he owes me like $20 for already. >.>; i am such a glutton for punishment... i'm not completely sure what "English 105" covers, but i'll betcha i can get a better score than anthony does... likely. sigh. bad ivy, no cookie!

I so totally pwn'd both English 105 and the ITS proficiency tests. go me!

note to self: burn a copy of laby soundtrack for maggie.

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