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Whee! I got my postcard from [livejournal.com profile] the_con_cept today! Who else was on the list?

#15 "Back in the Saddle"

"I've always demanded more of you," Snape said in a low voice.
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Title: Through A Glass, Darkly
Author: Lexin
Series: Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Genres: Angst, AU – Magical
Warnings: Ambiguous Consent, Character Death, Dark, Dom/Sub Relationship, Violence/Torture
Summary: Long ago, and in a world ruled by a Dark Lord, Harry Potter went to Hogwarts. *CHAN*slash. SS/HP. Please read the warnings.

"What makes you think you're going to die?" Snape didn't seem surprised.

"Voldemort's three times my age."

"Five, I believe. Not that I've ever asked the Dark Lord his age."

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TitleSnape: The Home Fries Nazi
Author: pir8fancier
Series: Harry Potter
Genre: Drama/Romance
Summary: Voldemort's death results in a complete loss of magic for all of the Death Eaters. Snape decamps to the United States to work as a fry cook in a diner. Harry finds him to ask for advice.

"Is that what this is all about? Finding decent substitutes?"

"A light glimmers."
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[Knockturn in the Rain]
Rating:  MA

AU;  Severus Snape meets Harry Potter in Knockturn Alley: He was a young one, sitting on stone and cobble, hunched under the safety of a shop’s overhang with his knobby knees hugged to his narrow chest, and pale arms grasping them tight.  In the rain he resembled some tragic portrait taken long ago, meant to draw sympathy and providence, to tug at the heartstrings of cold-hearted bastards like myself and push us into charitable action.  But really, he was just a pretty little boy on a stoop, with small hands and a glimmer of experience behind green eyes, waiting for business.

My Notes: The Chosen One shall defeat the Dark Lord... but at what cost?

I think this is the first time I've actually rec'd a chanslash fic other than The Devil Will Drag You Under (though I've read quite a few), but this one demanded it. So very good. Not very explicit, either...
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Title: On Wednesday
Author: Jay Tryfanstone
Pairing: Snarry
Rating:  PG-13; short.
Author's summary: "Postwar. Food, owls and taxes. There might be a plot in there somewhere." Harry lives as a Muggle clerk, not remembering his former life.
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My Notes: The characterization is a bit shaky at first, the reactions a little over-the-top... but it's good. Not excellent, but good.

Fine Lines
Author: Shadowphoenix
Pairing/Genre: Snarry - Humor, Drama/Angst

“Children are odd, are they not?” Severus asked wanly, watching as the strange question caught Harry off guard. “They see with the clearest vision, yet we as adults place no validity in what they say. The knowledge that we possessed as children gets lost in the transition to adulthood, and with it goes our belief that such young creatures can ever truly understand the world. But the truth is, they can.

     “Their vision is tempered by hopes and optimism, but beyond those delusions designed to help them deal with the horror of reality, the truth is there. And there’s always that one misfit who sees the truth, even accepts it, and yet in the deepest corner of the mind, nurses the spark of hope that there might be one out there somewhere who will prove that everything really is not as dark and dismal as it seems. The problem is compounded if that misfit actually finds the one that is believed to be able to make it all better. And inevitably, there always comes the day when that hope is killed and all those dreams are revealed for the lies that they have always been.”

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Title: Recovery
Author: Diagonalist
Pairing: HP/SS
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Non-con. Post OotP. AU in the assumption of certain wizarding traditions.
Summary: After a marriage not wanted on either side Harry and Snape are thrown together and forced to learn to accept each other.

Though it could have been longer and more fleshed-out, I really like this fic-- and the slow, believeable recovery period after a horrible experience.
Bear in mind, it DOES read through the non-con, hense the rating.
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Title: Approaching
Author: [livejournal.com profile] diagonalist
Pairing: Harry/Snape
Rating: NC17

It could have been called a very limited sort of progress - they were having some sort of social interaction, which Snape was given to understand from Minerva was very necessary in wooing - but he had no idea how to broach the idea of doing what he wanted.

How did you go from tea to mutual stripping off of clothes? That was something he definitely couldn't ask the deputy-headmistress.

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For everyone that felt cheated by the Yule Ball in GoF:

Tango in the Night by Elanor Isolda
[SSHP slash] At a post-war party, Harry is surprised to learn that Snape has hidden talents on the dancefloor.
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Oh, gods... keep some tissues handy when reading this one, people.

Clipped Wings

by Theresa Ann Wymer
Pairings: Harry/Snape
Rating: R
Warnings: Alternate Universe (I profoundly hope!) Angst, references to prior character deaths.
Category(s): Angst, romance, drama, AU.
Notes: Part of the From Dusk Til Dawn - The Harry Potter/Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest at http://www.kardasi.com/HPSS Challenge: Auction, Snape's for sale. Harry buys him.
Summary: After catastrophe, Harry deals with survivor's guilt and finds hope for himself and others.
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Oh dear... an utterly perfect blend of snarky humor and gut-wrenching angst. This is apparently StarryGazer's first fanfic-- I quite honestly am hard pressed to believe it. Sure, it needs some work on transition between chapters, and she needs to insert some page breaks (but that's prolly just missing because of ff.n's deplorable habit of stripping all html coding in sight-- even their own). Much love for this fic, yo.

 The Master Plan 
SLASH. Complete.
Harry is looking for the knowledge and training to survive the war. Only Severus Snape can give it.
Complete - Harry Potter - Fiction Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 36 - Words: 136829 - Reviews: 741 - Updated: 6-28-04 - Published: 4-10-04
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Free-range Plotbunny!

Title: Last Man on Earth
Genre: Drama, Snape-esque "humor"
Pairing: Snape/Harry
Flexible Premise:

Severus Snape has done something that no one-- namely himself --had ever expected: he's survived the war. The problem?
He's the only one that did... or so he thought.

Driven by an unfulfilled Vow and the nagging spectre of one Harry Potter, Snape must find a way to reverse the Dark curse gone wrong -- and return the Wizards and Muggles alike -- to their own dimension... no matter the cost.

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