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Does anyone have an mp3 of Sir Mix-a-lot's "Baby Got Back" they can share? I'll totally do a trade, too. <3
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Would anyone with Tivo be willing to record tomorrow's episode of House for me? I should really study longer for my math test on Thursday (have a help session on Wednesday night so I'm already missing Bones), but House is one of the two shows that I enjoy anymore and I'd really hate to miss it. I'll even draw you something, if you'd like! :3

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..okay, wtf? I checked their site yesterday, and they said the Pilot episode of the new show "Men in Trees" would be aired at 9 pm tonight. I had that channel on starting at like 8:35ish just to be sure I didn't miss anything, yeah? There was a Gospel thing on at the time, so I had the volume down.

When 9pm comes around, I turn it up and watch. Guess what?

It wasn't the pilot! It was the second friggin' episode! Was it just a local snaffu, or did they do this all over?

If it was local, someone pleasepleaseplease tell me that they caught all on Tivo? *puppy eyes*
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Hmm... I wonder....

Has anyone seen a well-thought out, well-written rant or essay on the parallels of anime and the Harry Potter universe (or other current pop culture series), and the fans that love both?
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By chance, does anyone know where I can get my paws on the following Chinese song? It's:

Yu Fei Men
10 Le Yuan (10 Paradise)

I've tried msnmusic and amazon, but don't get hits on either. I don't speak or read Mandarin, and I somehow doubt there's an English-speaker version of her website, if she even has one. No idea on that count, acutally...

I've no idea what he's saying, but I'm in lust with Easton's voice.
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*prods people* Why were Tani and Alli-cat the only people to reply to my art-challenge thinger? Come on, people, I'm offering to draw you stuff! Want fanart? Give me a clip or scene from one of your fics that you'd like to see, and I'll draw it! *tempts* Hell, Tani's getting Bertie Wooster... *rubs hands together eeeeevilly*

Also, does anyone know where I can get the codes for a project-status bar thinger? I know a lot of writers use them, but I can't remember where I can lift the html from, and I want to use one for my tablet-projects. *huffs*
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They say that a picture can say a thousand words.... and while I find that can be true, we'll stick with five for now.

Give me five words, and I will draw whatever comes to mind after hearing them. If you can't think of anything offhand, try these:

- a person/character(description, please, if I'm not familiar with them)
- a color
- a season
- an emotion/mood
- a language

I can't and won't promise the result to be spectacular or breathtaking or inspirational-- but it will be something.
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Hmm... Has anyone on my lovely Friend's List done the "buy music online for download" thing? If so, which site/service do you use and/or prefer?

For reference, I have the iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player, and WinAmp music player programs on my comp, but I don't have a acutal mp3 player-- I'd want to listen to them on my comp and most likely burn 'em to disk.

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Hmmm... does anyone have some Emilie Simon mp3's they'd be willing to share with me? Or any pretty french music? I'm willing to share my rather eclectic music selection, or doodle something for you.

Teh only Emilie Simon songs that I have right now are "The Frozen World" and "Graines d'├ętoiles." *pouts* Need more...
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Anyone wanna rec me some good HP slash fics wherein non-English or Latin language(s) are used more than twice featured? Pwease?

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