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Huh. Random, but something that I've noticed, a recent-ish trend in some of my favorite tv shows? Writers or whomever will put in a consistant food reference!

Firefly had strawberries and apples (okay, tomatoes count if you watch closely), Castle has apples (sort of), Psych has pineapples, Chuck has pancakes...

Admittedly, I think Nathan Fillion carried over the apples thing from Firefly to Castle, but it's still amusing. Psych's pineapples bit was an ad-lib by James Roday that stuck. I wonder if there's a reason behind Chuck's pancakes? Just a favored food of the creators, or what?
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  • Updated my layout to something more mellow.
  • Beer pong is a bad idea. Beer pong with Guiness is a horrible idea. (Thanks a lot, Joe! *huffs*)
  • I dislike tequila.
  • V8 is my friend.
  • Thanks for putting up with my drunken txt's last night, [livejournal.com profile] korinacaffeine!
  • Addicted to Sentinel fics again, lawl.
  • I need more new music. Any recs?
  • Last night's new Psych ep: Yay for Wesley (looking kinda heavy there, dear) and Lassiter's new haircut (yum!), but was I the only one that thought it felt kinda... off? :/
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Blah. I decided to skip talking to my psych prof about the final test; he teaches just about every psychology class available so I'll inevitably have to take him again, and I don't want to piss him off. I'll still pass with the C.

*loves on Shino icon*
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Doing my reading for psychology class, and this part reminded me heavily of Shawn Spencer from USA's Psych (do we know if his chara’s based on anyone?):

    One of the most powerful ways to make memories distinctive is to use mental imagery. Psychologist Alexander Luria (1968) chronicled the live of S., whose unique visual imagination allowed him to remember an extraordinary amount of detail. Luria had become acquainted with S. in the 1920s in Russia. Luria began with some simple research to test S.’s memory. For example, he asked S. to recall a series of words or numbers, a standard method of testing memory skills. Luria concluded that S. had no apparent limits to his ability to recall. In such tests, people remember at most five to nine numbers. Not only could S. remember as many as 70 numbers, but he could also recall them accurately in reverse order. S. moreover could report the sequence flawlessly with no warning or practice even as long as 15 years after his initial exposure to the sequence. In addition, after the 15-year interval, S. could describe what Luria had been wearing and where he had been sitting when S. learned the list. Similar feats of recall included accurately reproducing passages from languages he did not know - after hearing the passage only once!

        - The Science of Psychology: An Appreciative View by Laura A. King

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Blah, just got back from my sister's a couple hours ago. Her shower sucks (uber low pressure, ew), so I ended up just taking one when I got home. Feel much better now. Still getting caught up on 'net stuff though. Hate not having my faves list with me at all times, lol.

Dog/cat/fish/bird/house-sitting for her this weekend though, so once I get some homework and unemployment paperwork done, I'll prolly head back over there. Chelsea said something about painting Zach's room, so I'll prolly help with that.

In other news, crossovers (specifically Psych crossovers) are gateway drugs to other series, lol. This fic/author has me catching up on Supernatural, which I never watched on tv 'cause urban legends freaked me out when the show first debued. xD; It's cool now though, since I youtubed series bloopers and a bunch of interviews with the stars. Still freaky, but now it's the fun freaky, if you know what I mean. ;)

How's everyone? <3

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