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Just posted my hero myth, The Heroic Dragon, over on [livejournal.com profile] icarusdown. Luff me?


Oct. 17th, 2006 09:50 am
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haha... I am so gonna die.

I thought I had until next month to write my term paper, but Ms. Gardell
mentioned "the 30th" as the due date... the only 30th that falls on a Monday
is this month. And I can't find my syllabus for the paramaters for the paper
and creative side to the project. *facepalm*

I emailed her on Sunday asking for a new copy, but she doesn't usually check
on weekends, and I haven't heard anything back from her yet. And genius me,
I managed to forget to ask her for a new copy when I saw her in class last

So, I could use a little help-- as I said in a previous post, my topic is on
Oracles, and their roles in classic mythology/history and how their modern
day counterparts are percieved.

What I need is an object that I could make that would be a good
representation of that topic. Like, I can't just go out and buy a tarot
deck, but I could create my own. Which is what I origionally planned doing,
but now I don't think I'll have enough time to do the full Major Arcanum. ><
My other thought was to make my own set of runes-- it would concieveably
take me less time to carve runes into stone than it would to draw over 16
Grand Arcanum cards, which is probably some level of pathetic. (Hey, we have
a dremmil tool!) The only problem with that is, where am I going to find
around 24 evenly-sized stone/bone/wood slices? I'll have to google for make-your-own rune
kits or something... I'm thinking of doing the Elder Futhark runes, btw.

Any other suggestions, pretty please? I'm in a bit of a panic here.
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"How are you different from your mother?"
"I hope in as few ways as possible."

Got another test assignment today. I have to write a Hero myth.
And, since Ms. Gardell loved this one part of my Creation myth so much...

“Alright then, a story... which shall I tell you? The tale of the courageous dragon that saved a fair maiden from an evil king?"

*grin* Likey?
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Dude! My prof read my creation myth today, and asked me to sign it so she could prove she knew me when Icarus Down gets novelized and goes famous! *happy dancey* ^_____________^

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Okay, so! I emailed my Comparative Mythology prof, and she approved my term paper/project topic. *dancey*

I'm going to compare Oracles/Seers/Fortune Tellers from classic mythology to their modern-day counterparts-- their roles in society, how they're percieved by the common people, their "powers" and where they got them, and so on.

Here's where ya'll come in, if you've a mind to assist. I need a list of all the Oracles/Seers/Fortune Tellers that you can think of; location doesn't matter. Also, if you'd like to suggest any specific books or areas I should place special focus on, I'd be much appreciative. <3

Off the top of my head:
Oracle of Delphi
Madame Cleo
Native American Shaman/jessakkid
Professor Sybil Trelawney (Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] kc_anathema~)
Morgan Le Fay (Thanks, [livejournal.com profile] kuroihime~)

Think I should include Apollo and other gods of prophecy?

...yyyyeah, I can usually do WAY better than that, but I'm tired.

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