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Leaving work almost didn't happen... because my car doors were literally FROZEN SHUT.

First the key wouldn't turn, so we heated it up with Scotty's Awesome Ligher (tm), and after much twisting, finally got it unlocked. Got two windows to roll down (back ones are busted anyway). Driver's side door still  wouldn't open, so I went for the driver's rear door - tugged fairly hard, got it to open. Guess what I found?

ICE. On the INSIDE OF THE FRAME, sealing it shut. I reiterate, WHAT THE SHIT, FLORIDA?

So, I let the heater run, chat with Scotty for a bit, then crawl in through the back door (teehee) and head home. Try the doors again, both ones in front are still sealed. Try the driver's rear (my entrance?), only to find that it, too, has frozen shut again, and no amount of pushing will unseal it.

I swear to bob, I thought I was going to have to call Mom from the driveway for assistance in escaping my own fucking car. Luckily, I the passenger rear door wasn't completely frosted over, and I managed to get out.

Am now nursing some hot tea to compensate. How was your day?
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I just had a dream involving Jayne, Kaylee, a sprawling plantation-style house, gardening, and hay pretending to be soil under a thin layer of that roll-out grass turf - only Jayne and Kaylee had nothing to do with any of the planet-side stuff, and were in fact on a ship out in space, and I was jealous that Kaylee got to go somewhere to take a shower instead of me.

The hell, brain?
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I had a dream about EJ last night.... for some reason, he felt like he had to kidnap me (I think he thought the group of people I was with were a danger or something), and while I was driving us somewhere on a really confusing road with lots of exit ramps and splits, someone (invisible?) in the car was heckling my driving because they wouldn't tell me where to turn until I couldn't do it without causing a huge accident. Then we stopped at an odd rest-stop place that had a huge candy store and a movie theatre, and I got shunted off with a random family of four into a horror movie, but I was crying because I couldn't find EJ and had this horrible feeling that he'd left me because someone was chasing him and I'd be safer if I wasn't attached to him. Just after I moved forward a row in the theatre, he came back; I was so happy I started crying again.


Oct. 13th, 2009 02:34 pm
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It feels like my life has taken a turn for the better (*knocks on wood*). Despite being summoned for jury duty yesterday (yes, they were open on Colombus Day, for some reason), I had my first night shift at work... and so far, I really like it there! It's basically me, two other line haul people (I'm their new assistant, basically), and the cleaning lady (Paula - really nice :) in the entire building! Is interesting.

-- Oh! I can't remember if I actually mentioned what my new job is, lol! My official title is Line Haul Assistant (oddly proud I'm not a secretary anymore, definite step forward) at a long-distance trucking company; I work 5PM to 2 AM, and basically do crisis management after hours - we cover a lot of the stuff that would otherwise be handled by at least 4 separate departments during the day; driver management, building/planning loads, scheduling home time for drivers, taking care of any trouble they encounter when picking up/dropping off loads, stuff like that. The part that really makes us crazy-busy is that the company has around 500 drivers. xD; Yeah.

Anyway, Scott and Erika both said they were impressed with how I handled the insanity, jumped right in and started answering phone calls, etc., even though it was officially my first day of actual job orientation (last week was hazmat/safety/drugs/alcohol/driver training, meeting all the different departments, etc.).

It was actually a lot of fun. :D
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I regret not saying yes.
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Apparently my name was used in vain no less than three times yesterday. I am amused.
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Has your heart ever beat so hard and strong that your body subtly rocked with the force of it?
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  • Updated my layout to something more mellow.
  • Beer pong is a bad idea. Beer pong with Guiness is a horrible idea. (Thanks a lot, Joe! *huffs*)
  • I dislike tequila.
  • V8 is my friend.
  • Thanks for putting up with my drunken txt's last night, [livejournal.com profile] korinacaffeine!
  • Addicted to Sentinel fics again, lawl.
  • I need more new music. Any recs?
  • Last night's new Psych ep: Yay for Wesley (looking kinda heavy there, dear) and Lassiter's new haircut (yum!), but was I the only one that thought it felt kinda... off? :/
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Blah... Friday was a long day... Larry called me at around 2 AM asking me to come over and drive my sister to the hospital - apparently Chelsea'd been throwing up and stuff since around 12:30, they thought she had food poisoning, and someone needed to watch the kids - plus, Larry had to get up for work at 5.

So I got dressed and went over there to find Chelsea curled up on the couch dry heaving into a small wastebasket with the kids wide awake and sitting down by her feet. Zach started throwing up like 10 minutes after I got there, but stopped pretty quickly (it was just sympathy, he wasn't really sick).

The problem? Chelsea didn't want to go to the hospital, and it took me about 2 hours to talk her into even taking some medicine because she didn't think she could keep it down. Admittedly, she could barely hold water down, but still. Anti-nausea meds. It's what they're designed to do.

Talked to [livejournal.com profile] rei_andou online when Chelsea was resting between dry heaves and such (thanks, Kyle!), and after running to the store at 6 for ginger ale and 7UP, I  finally called and talked to an ER nurse. Chelsea finally gave in and let me drive her to the ER after we dropped the kids at my house so mom and Tracy could watch them (Larry went to work at 5). Doc put her on two saline drips and some anti-nausea meds, did some labs and an x-ray (wtf). Told her that if she'd been any more dehydrated, they'd have admitted her - she's 100 lbs dripping wet, so when something like this hits her, she's down for the count. I was right, she had food poisoning and a bladder infection. Got the prescription, drove back to my house, and let mom take over fussing nurse duties.

Took a nap at 12:30ish, and didn't wake up until like 2 AM... which I totally needed.

Amusing part of today? Chelsea was laying down on the gurney when the doctor came in, so he saw me first... and thought I was Chelsea's mother. Because I obviously look old enough to have given birth to a 25 year old woman. >>; Almost said something like, "Her age is on the chart, dumbass!" but restrained myself out of surprise.

Am surprised I'm not more hungry... the only thing I ate before I woke up a bit ago was a serving of biscuts and gravy and half a cup of hospital coffee. :/ Had some ramen for the hell of it just now.
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How sad is it that I had to look at my various wishlists online because I couldn't think of anything I want for my birthday? And still can't think of anything. *facepalm*

I can't exactly ask my sister for a spa package; want to keep it reasonable. Gift certificates are too impersonal (according to her), and you can't really shop around for the best deal with them.

Blah. At least Chelsea isn't gonna do Lydia's party on the 4th anymore. :/ Maybe I can find a parade or some kind of party to go to. Sigh.
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So... I'm turning 24 on July 4th. Half of my friends don't even live in this state, and [livejournal.com profile] chaosdragon always visits her parents for the holiday (though she's totally taking me to see Transformers 2 beforehand).

wtf should I do for my birthday, guys?
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Tracy didn't get the job in Canada, but he DID get another tentative job offer. This time? In Key West.

a) It's expensive as fuck to live down there
b) I don't wanna fucking move so far, goddamnit!
c) What the fuck

It's still tentative, but if it does end up going through and Tracy takes it, he'll go down for a while in mid-July to see how it works out, and then have mom and me join him some indeterminate time later.

Maggie called me earlier today and said that she's looking for an apartment and would let me crash on her couch until I could find a job in Tampa (which would be a hell of a lot easier than Lakeland), but I'm not really sure of the timeline, and didn't know about the Key West thing until later. Will have to call and ask, if she doesn't read this first.

Blah. I hate moving around, damnit. I require security and stuff. >_<
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I helped one of our hosts clean up after the party last night while all the other guests sat on their asses outside chatting, and now my mom's bitching about how I don't help out around the house zomg EVER (total lie, wtf).
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Haha, fuck. I want kids.

Unfortunately, that requires a significant other, a house, and a steady income. *pout*
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The definition of irony:

My mother is currently more concerned with figuring out a problem in her ancestry research than she is about taking three minutes to tell me why my sister called.
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I am so effing glad that I answered the phone just now, because I have a job interview! It's on Wednesday at 11:30, yay!

Apparently I applied for a receptionist position at this company back in *December,* of all months (that's when I got laid off). The lady that they initially hired for the job recently got moved (promoted? room for advancement!) to a different position, so now they need a new receptionist! And they called me!

Yeah, I'm at least second choice (probably further down the list, since I didn't get an interview the first time 'round), but screw it, it's the first job interview I've gotten in *five months!*

I'm super excited, and now spazzing because I need to buy a new pair of shoes because the only non-evil ones that I have aren't really office/interview-appropriate! Think I should find a suit at Marshall's/Ross, too, or is a nice button-down top and black slacks enough? Should I try extra-hard to find a vest? Vests always come across as classy to me, but I'm like, major busty and they can be a bitch to find sometimes.


Oh, also: What's a good number for yearly wages (can't think of the right term, fail) for a receptionist at a financial firm? I'm used to going by hourly - am hoping for at least $12/hour, if not more, and don't want to look like a moron if they go the other way.

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Blah. I decided to skip talking to my psych prof about the final test; he teaches just about every psychology class available so I'll inevitably have to take him again, and I don't want to piss him off. I'll still pass with the C.

*loves on Shino icon*
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so. i thought my final psych test was due by *midnight* thursday - well, apparently i misread the AM/PM, and it was due at NOON! meaning, unless the prof lets me take it late, i'll get a goddamned motherfucking ZERO on my final test! worth 100 points!

all the other tests were due at the end of the day, why the fuck did he randomly change shit?

Prof finally replied to one of the three messages I left him yesterday:


    This was your final exam during final exam week. Therefor different times apply. It was posted in the events ssection.


As long as he doesn't try to fuck me over on my discussion questions grade (I'm raising hell if he gives me less than a 90, because I followed the fucking directions), I'll still pass with a 74.66%, but that's a freaking C! I had a B average before this shit! ><

Gonna go talk to him in office on Monday, see if he's more sympathetic in person. Christ, the only reason I took the damned class online was because I had freaking shingles!

Grr. Gonna go take my Hum final now. Freaking hell.

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