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  • Wash clothes
  • Clean room
  • Finish class postings, homework, and psych quiz for the week
  • Work on swap stuff
  • Find gypsy skirt
  • @#$^%$ sell bjd's
  • Search for job
  • Make mom's necklace
  • Finish commissions
  • Sew jacket
  • Make jewelry and post for sale on etsy.com
  • Sort yarn into keep/destash piles
  • Sell anime/manga on ebay


Mar. 3rd, 2009 02:01 pm
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Talked to EJ last night, and it sounds like he's gonna hop a flight and come visit me this weekend. *excited* Gonna drag him to Renfest on Saturday so he can meet [livejournal.com profile] chaosdragon-- and Renfest itself is always lots of fun. :)

This also gives me an excuse to drive my happy ass to Knit & Knibble on Friday before I hit the airport so I can pick up some nice stuff for a swap I'm doing on Ravelry! <3 Should be a nice change from the various acrylic standard stuff that's normally available to me. *kicks Hancock Fabrics*

Also, I totally need to find a crafty!icon. :/

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X_x Caught my nephew's cold. Evil!

Fever, stuffy nose, and cold chills are not conductive to sleep. Especially since I ran out of cough syrup. *whimpers pitifully*
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Blah, just got back from my sister's a couple hours ago. Her shower sucks (uber low pressure, ew), so I ended up just taking one when I got home. Feel much better now. Still getting caught up on 'net stuff though. Hate not having my faves list with me at all times, lol.

Dog/cat/fish/bird/house-sitting for her this weekend though, so once I get some homework and unemployment paperwork done, I'll prolly head back over there. Chelsea said something about painting Zach's room, so I'll prolly help with that.

In other news, crossovers (specifically Psych crossovers) are gateway drugs to other series, lol. This fic/author has me catching up on Supernatural, which I never watched on tv 'cause urban legends freaked me out when the show first debued. xD; It's cool now though, since I youtubed series bloopers and a bunch of interviews with the stars. Still freaky, but now it's the fun freaky, if you know what I mean. ;)

How's everyone? <3

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Okay, I have to write a research paper for English class, and my topic focuses on the Pros and Cons of Violence in the Media. I have to use at least 5 sources, and I'm allowed to do interviews, etc.

What I'd like from you guys is your opinion/thoughts on the topic. Are violent video games detrimental to society, or cathartic? Are copy-cat murderers truly inspired by a movie/comic/game/etc., or is there some other underlying trigger? Do we, as a society, prefer to place blame on the fictional violence we see in day to day life, instead of owning up to our own malicious tendancies?

Either side is fine, as I have to present both equally in the paper.

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So, I just got felt up by the Victoria's Secret lady, and apparently my correct bra size is 38DD-- instead of the 40C that I've been wearing for years. I am amused.

Also, it's probably sad that the highlight of my day is getting hit on by the cute guy at the Dead Sea Body Products kiosk at the mall-- worse so that I stuck around long enough to wrangle down the price of a salt scrub by $40. *cough*
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what happened?

i didn't even realize wtf happened at first, thought the semi had just kicked up a rock or something into my wheel-well
pulled over to check cause the noise wouldn't stop, and the right front tire was half-shredded
note that i was on the left side of the highway, so all the lovely traffic was blowing past said disabled side of the car
9 miles from lakeland
>< had to call mom, because i've never changed a tire before


turns out that my jack is a piece of shit, and the donut was almost flat, so it's good i didn't try it on my own

>>; jeeze

and this guy stopped to "help"
which consisted of watching tracy put on the spare, since it was already half-done when he pulled up anyway
big,heavy guy
uniform shirt
apparently works at the jail
he asked where i'd been coming from, said tampa, job interview, etc
he actually said that the jail is hiring, and that i should apply
...um, no?
mom and i dubbed him Marinara Frank


because he had effing marinara sauce on his face
and hands
and really, ew
his face was like someone had squished a clay sculpture of a fat man's head


wait, amendment


Marinara Joe sounds better

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We went over to Jose's place (he's mom's mechanic) earlier, and test drove a really nice 1998 Jetta they have up for sale. It's gorgeous, and drives like a dream! One of the former owners even tricked it out, so it has some really nice additions-- better speakers, an ignition switch, standard radio/tape/cd player, vroom-vroom exhaust (not sure what it's actually called, lol), tricked out automatic windows (with a lock for the rear windows on the front dash, score), etc. It also has the cleanest engine I've ever seen, srsly, with a bunch of new parts (serpentine belt, etc). The engine's a 2.0, which isn't horrible or anything; should be just fine for me. :D

The windows will have issues, I know (one of the rear windows came off it's tracks when I was checking things out, but Raoul (whom has the most gorgeous light blue eyes ever... *swoon*) was heading back to fix that as we were leaving). I doubt I'm gonna roll them down that often anyway; the A/C is nice~

I think I'm in love.

They're asking $3,700, so I'll have to get a loan from the credit union, but this car is totally worth it. Mom's thinking we can talk them down to around $3,400, too.

*wriggles happily*
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I am highly annoyed. I had an appointment this morning to have labs done, and when I got there, I was told that I would have to reschedule because I'd had approximately three sips of coffee that contained flavored creamer and it would screw up the tests.

Had someone there, I don't know... told me that I wasn't supposed to eat or drink anything other than water after 12AM last night, it wouldn't have been an issue.

It's like... what the fuck, people? I've never been to a doctor before, never had labs done. I don't know wtf I am or am not supposed to do. Ya'll are the doctors, you're supposed to tell me these things! ><

So in the end, I had to reschedule for next Wednesday at 9:15. Fuckers.

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