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>< wtf? Mom mentioned she needed to make an appt for a haircut, and I told her I needed to get one too soon, she got this weird "haircut? you?" expression and asked, "why?"

"because I want it shorter?"

so I showed her the haircuts i'm considering, and she got that skeptical "yeah, right" look and was all "you know your hair isn't straight, right?"

I know what my hair is like - hell, I've had it short before, I know how it acts!

and when i pointed out that this point  at chin length and above is straight, always has been, she was like, "maybe we need to stop talking, 'cause I don't need a snippy conversation after the week I had."

the fuck? how was my response snippy?

earlier she was telling me about Chelsea's asking what i'm doing for the kids for xmas, mom said she doesn't talk to me enough to know. Seriously, wtf? at least i make a freaking effort - she's happy to talk my ear off about stuff i wasn't involved in, but the second i mention anything me-related, i get cut off.

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Why is it that I have longer, more detailed conversations with my mother when we've been drinking more often than not?

Kind of a depressing thought.
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Blah... Friday was a long day... Larry called me at around 2 AM asking me to come over and drive my sister to the hospital - apparently Chelsea'd been throwing up and stuff since around 12:30, they thought she had food poisoning, and someone needed to watch the kids - plus, Larry had to get up for work at 5.

So I got dressed and went over there to find Chelsea curled up on the couch dry heaving into a small wastebasket with the kids wide awake and sitting down by her feet. Zach started throwing up like 10 minutes after I got there, but stopped pretty quickly (it was just sympathy, he wasn't really sick).

The problem? Chelsea didn't want to go to the hospital, and it took me about 2 hours to talk her into even taking some medicine because she didn't think she could keep it down. Admittedly, she could barely hold water down, but still. Anti-nausea meds. It's what they're designed to do.

Talked to [livejournal.com profile] rei_andou online when Chelsea was resting between dry heaves and such (thanks, Kyle!), and after running to the store at 6 for ginger ale and 7UP, I  finally called and talked to an ER nurse. Chelsea finally gave in and let me drive her to the ER after we dropped the kids at my house so mom and Tracy could watch them (Larry went to work at 5). Doc put her on two saline drips and some anti-nausea meds, did some labs and an x-ray (wtf). Told her that if she'd been any more dehydrated, they'd have admitted her - she's 100 lbs dripping wet, so when something like this hits her, she's down for the count. I was right, she had food poisoning and a bladder infection. Got the prescription, drove back to my house, and let mom take over fussing nurse duties.

Took a nap at 12:30ish, and didn't wake up until like 2 AM... which I totally needed.

Amusing part of today? Chelsea was laying down on the gurney when the doctor came in, so he saw me first... and thought I was Chelsea's mother. Because I obviously look old enough to have given birth to a 25 year old woman. >>; Almost said something like, "Her age is on the chart, dumbass!" but restrained myself out of surprise.

Am surprised I'm not more hungry... the only thing I ate before I woke up a bit ago was a serving of biscuts and gravy and half a cup of hospital coffee. :/ Had some ramen for the hell of it just now.
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Tracy didn't get the job in Canada, but he DID get another tentative job offer. This time? In Key West.

a) It's expensive as fuck to live down there
b) I don't wanna fucking move so far, goddamnit!
c) What the fuck

It's still tentative, but if it does end up going through and Tracy takes it, he'll go down for a while in mid-July to see how it works out, and then have mom and me join him some indeterminate time later.

Maggie called me earlier today and said that she's looking for an apartment and would let me crash on her couch until I could find a job in Tampa (which would be a hell of a lot easier than Lakeland), but I'm not really sure of the timeline, and didn't know about the Key West thing until later. Will have to call and ask, if she doesn't read this first.

Blah. I hate moving around, damnit. I require security and stuff. >_<
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I helped one of our hosts clean up after the party last night while all the other guests sat on their asses outside chatting, and now my mom's bitching about how I don't help out around the house zomg EVER (total lie, wtf).
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Haha, fuck. I want kids.

Unfortunately, that requires a significant other, a house, and a steady income. *pout*
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The definition of irony:

My mother is currently more concerned with figuring out a problem in her ancestry research than she is about taking three minutes to tell me why my sister called.
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Larry's in the hospital with chest pain, so I'm gonna stay the night with Chelsea to keep her company. Back tomorrow, prolly.

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X_x Caught my nephew's cold. Evil!

Fever, stuffy nose, and cold chills are not conductive to sleep. Especially since I ran out of cough syrup. *whimpers pitifully*
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Blah, just got back from my sister's a couple hours ago. Her shower sucks (uber low pressure, ew), so I ended up just taking one when I got home. Feel much better now. Still getting caught up on 'net stuff though. Hate not having my faves list with me at all times, lol.

Dog/cat/fish/bird/house-sitting for her this weekend though, so once I get some homework and unemployment paperwork done, I'll prolly head back over there. Chelsea said something about painting Zach's room, so I'll prolly help with that.

In other news, crossovers (specifically Psych crossovers) are gateway drugs to other series, lol. This fic/author has me catching up on Supernatural, which I never watched on tv 'cause urban legends freaked me out when the show first debued. xD; It's cool now though, since I youtubed series bloopers and a bunch of interviews with the stars. Still freaky, but now it's the fun freaky, if you know what I mean. ;)

How's everyone? <3


Jan. 3rd, 2009 11:02 am
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The clutch on mom's car just died. Just watch, now both her and Tracy will be wanting to borrow my car every three seconds-- especially when I already have plans to go somewhere.

Blah. Going to Chelsea's house for a while; gonna watch the dogs while they're at the beach, or something to that effect.
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When dad was in the hospital, I think my biggest fear was that he wouldn't remember me. It just happened in a dream.

It was towards the end of an already random tanget about me being on a bus that broke down/crashed and a bunch of us had to struggle to survive and find a new place to live. There was some mention of a biological war, but it was a passing comment from someone.

Later, I was riding a bike down a cobblestone street at night. It was drizzling rain, and the streetlights cast blue tones to everything. He was standing on a bridge, dressed in dark pants and one of his plaid flannel coats, staring almost aimlessly across the water. There was a little tan and white dog with him, on a thin leash.

I got off my bike and asked if he was okay. He said he would be fine, if he could remember where he was supposed to be. I took his arm and said I would bring him there. (Oddly, I kept the bike with us, steering it along side with my free hand. Most dreams would have abandoned or forgotten it, right?)

We started walking, and it wasn't very far to go. Down the street a little and into a niche between two tall buildings and through a set of glass doors (I left the bike outside at this point). It looked like a cross between an airport and a casino, with security and patrons everywhere. One of the security people looked at us, then nodded subtly towards a hall to the right, so I took dad that way. Then someone walked past us, and I realized it was dad-- dressed in a dark business suit, surrounded by subordinates as he briskly walked down the hall to the left. This was very odd, because I was still holding the arm of the dad I'd found out in the street.

For some reason, I left the one I was with to his hall, and ran after the new, stranger one. I regretted it the second I turned away; he smiled and disappeared down the right hallway. When I reached the one down the left, I asked if he was okay. He looked at me as if I were a stranger, no trace of recognition on his face. I asked him what the dog's name was, and I finally got a reaction: he wanted to know how I knew about the dog. The people around him herded him into a room before I could answer.

Then I woke up.

It's the first time I've dreamed about dad since he died.
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Mom: If there's anyone in this family that would be able to get her boyfriend pregnant, it would be Megan.
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Now I remember why I suddenly want booze... it would be dad's 67th birthday today.
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O_o; Should I be offended that my ex-boyfriend has my mother on his "random cool stuff" forwarding list, but I haven't heard from him since the infamous break-up email? Just curious.


Feb. 24th, 2007 01:37 pm
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My sister just called from Indiana to ask Larry if he'd used all the tape, because the roll was apparently empty.
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Chelsea sent me one of dad's dog-tags. I almost started crying.

Oh, joy.

Dec. 17th, 2006 08:54 pm
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Now I have to buy myself a new tv because mom spazzed about the sound quality of the one in the living room, had tracy toss it to the curb, and then proceeded to steal MINE.

wtf, woman? The one you tried to "replace" it with is across the goddamned ROOM, with a tiny damned 13" screen, and it's at least 6 years old, which means the picture quality freaking SUCKS!

>< How the hell am I supposed to watch House and Bones and Heroes and Studio 60 on this thing?! Those are literally the only damned shows I watch regularly; I want to be able to freaking see them clearly, goddamnit!


Nov. 29th, 2006 06:43 pm
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Chelsea sent me down a 12 pack of Big Red from Indiana! I can't find this stuff down here! *hugs it* ^_____________________^

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Okay, heading to the airport in about half an hour. Back from Milwaukee on Sunday night. The memorial service is on Saturday, methinks.

I'll have my cell on me, and might be able to get online, if I can find any WiFi hotspots around... >>; *bought a LifeDrive*

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