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I just had a dream involving Jayne, Kaylee, a sprawling plantation-style house, gardening, and hay pretending to be soil under a thin layer of that roll-out grass turf - only Jayne and Kaylee had nothing to do with any of the planet-side stuff, and were in fact on a ship out in space, and I was jealous that Kaylee got to go somewhere to take a shower instead of me.

The hell, brain?
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I had a dream about EJ last night.... for some reason, he felt like he had to kidnap me (I think he thought the group of people I was with were a danger or something), and while I was driving us somewhere on a really confusing road with lots of exit ramps and splits, someone (invisible?) in the car was heckling my driving because they wouldn't tell me where to turn until I couldn't do it without causing a huge accident. Then we stopped at an odd rest-stop place that had a huge candy store and a movie theatre, and I got shunted off with a random family of four into a horror movie, but I was crying because I couldn't find EJ and had this horrible feeling that he'd left me because someone was chasing him and I'd be safer if I wasn't attached to him. Just after I moved forward a row in the theatre, he came back; I was so happy I started crying again.
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Okay, guys? A request:

If you ever find yourself in my head while I'm asleep and dreaming, please don't start torturing random people that I've never met without some kind of explination first, k? *eyes EJ*

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It started out with this tall-ish blonde lady that didn't seem to know who she was, just that she was looking for a guy, and absolutely HAD to find him. She came across this shady guy somewhere- felt like Russia, for somehow- and he was trying to get her to go with him, blah blah, but she didn't want to, had to find the guy she was looking for. The shady-dude finally grabbed her and started groping her and stuff, and she got pissed off and killed him in a way that reminded me of... that one movie with the blonde girl that was really an alien, that the gov't breeded, and she escaped and went into heat and such? That, except for the sex part.

Somewhere in the middle of that, there was something about an unborn baby getting pulled out of someone, and after the chick killed the shady-guy, it shifted into a sort of comicbook-like depiction of her stuffing the baby back inside herself.  O_o;

THEN, it turned into something from that new show, Kyle_xy. He was a new student at some high school, and "fell in love" with this little brunette girl that didn't like jocks or cheerleaders, or pretty much anyone popular, and he kinda-sorta stalked her, but not with a creepy intention. There was a football player that liked the brunette-chick, and was constantly hitting on her and trying to get her to date/sleep with him, but she couldn't stand him. So "Kyle", along with the brunette's best friend, started to try and keep the jock from harassing the brunette.

Then there was something about "Kyle"'s amazing skills, and for some reason he was balancing all sorts of things on his finger in the middle of a football field while cheerleaders were doing flippy-things before a game-- the most memorable was the frame of a large metal swing-set.

...yes, you heard me. A swing-set. >>;

Then, he started imitating the cheerleaders, and out did them at their own routine, did a ton of extra spiffy flips and stuff.

And then he was suddenly walking down this second or third floor outside hallway, trailing the jock with the brunette's friend. The jock turned around and said something threatening and derogatory, then walked away a few steps. "Kyle" eyed the low-hanging beams in the hallway ceiling, and said, "Hey." Jock stopped walking and turned to face him, and "Kyle" said something along the lines of, "Do you really want to threaten me when I could kick your head in," (or something to that effect). Everyone in the hall got really quiet and stared, and the Jock went 4 shades of pale, then pulled out his wallet and started digging in it for some reason.

...then I woke up.
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I had a dream this morning that nearly made me late for school. ~_~ It's a good thing mom woke me up.
Can't remember much of this one, just stuff about a little blonde boy drawing glowy greenish-yellow eyes on a chalkboard, someone calling me Ophelia, something about vampires, and multiple mentions of "the great evil" when i was apparently staring into a ventilation shaft.
>.> No details other than those, I'm sorry to say. If it was interesting enough to make me sleep through two alarms, then it had to have had a lot more undercurrents to it and such.

-- Megan --
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You asked for it, CD. This one's for you, hon. ^_^

Emotional distance. It's something I've never really thought about before, but it seems to be popping up to bite me on the ass.

It started with a dream.

It was in color, a bit fuzzy around the edges, but still clear, if that makes any sense. Most of the time, I saw it happen in third person like I usually do in dreams, but a few times, I was in my dream-body.

I was in Tim Hortons, paying a surprise visit to my friend Kathy and the gang that works there. Hugs all around.

It was strange, that I noticed it; the menu had changed. Instead of selling mainly donuts and such, there were bratwurst, sliced meats, things like that. Even some sauerkraut.

Kathy had to go back to the office for something, so I waited up front, leaning against the counter, looking at the new selection of food.

Then James Marsters came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my neck. Don't ask me how I knew it was James and not Spike, as he was dressed as Spike, peroxide hair, black duster, and all. But my heart said James, and I knew it to be true.

I turned in his arms, wrapped mine around his neck, and pressed my lips against his. Eventually it changed, became a french-kiss. But when he tried to tangle his tongue with mine, something made it so that he could only lick at my lips and just inside, though he didn't seem to notice. I tried to touch our tongues, but it seemed the same obstruction blocked me, as well. I could only mirror him.

My heart hurt.

I vaguely saw our imbrace in black and white, vaguely realized I was watching it on the monitor from the camera that recorded the front line.

When we broke our kiss, I looked at him, called him "Spike" with a strange infection in my voice that I couldn't place, and he quirked that eyebrow that says everything and nothing, but he didn't respond, though he kept his arms around my waist.

Kathy came back around the corner and I smiled at her. She grinned back in that knowing way she has.

Suddenly Kathy and I were in the bathroom, James waiting for us out by the front line, and I told her that he had kissed me. She grinned again and said, "I know," and told me she had watched from the monitor in the office.

I must have been seeing the black and white images through her.

Then we were back in the main part of the resturaunt, and I was in James's arms again. He kissed me, a light press of lips, then asked me to marry him. I didn't even hesitate, said, "Yes."

I waived at Kathy, and then he and I were out the door. Walking to his car, we passed a light green and white car parked in front of some bushes, it's design one I'd never seen before, but it struck me as an older, classic model. I got the feeling that that car had some significance to it, but Hell if I know what it is.

We got into James's shiney black sports car, buckled in, and pulled out onto the street.

There was a little electronic doll in front of us, riding a bicycle. (Not like Ping from MegaTokyo, as Bri thought when I told her about it, though. Think Chucky-sized, but not possessed by a homicidal killer.) James would speed up, then break when he almost hit it, and the little boy doll would glare at us over it's shoulder, then look forward, and keep peddling.

It went on like this for I don't know how long.

Then the dream shifted, and I was watching a tiny version of the doll riding his bike across a powerline. I distantly heard someone speaking of it, explaining what the doll was and how it worked.

Things went more fuzzy and drifted away as I slowly woke up. I was rather hoping to get to the honeymoon with James.

How I hate mornings.

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