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When dad was in the hospital, I think my biggest fear was that he wouldn't remember me. It just happened in a dream.

It was towards the end of an already random tanget about me being on a bus that broke down/crashed and a bunch of us had to struggle to survive and find a new place to live. There was some mention of a biological war, but it was a passing comment from someone.

Later, I was riding a bike down a cobblestone street at night. It was drizzling rain, and the streetlights cast blue tones to everything. He was standing on a bridge, dressed in dark pants and one of his plaid flannel coats, staring almost aimlessly across the water. There was a little tan and white dog with him, on a thin leash.

I got off my bike and asked if he was okay. He said he would be fine, if he could remember where he was supposed to be. I took his arm and said I would bring him there. (Oddly, I kept the bike with us, steering it along side with my free hand. Most dreams would have abandoned or forgotten it, right?)

We started walking, and it wasn't very far to go. Down the street a little and into a niche between two tall buildings and through a set of glass doors (I left the bike outside at this point). It looked like a cross between an airport and a casino, with security and patrons everywhere. One of the security people looked at us, then nodded subtly towards a hall to the right, so I took dad that way. Then someone walked past us, and I realized it was dad-- dressed in a dark business suit, surrounded by subordinates as he briskly walked down the hall to the left. This was very odd, because I was still holding the arm of the dad I'd found out in the street.

For some reason, I left the one I was with to his hall, and ran after the new, stranger one. I regretted it the second I turned away; he smiled and disappeared down the right hallway. When I reached the one down the left, I asked if he was okay. He looked at me as if I were a stranger, no trace of recognition on his face. I asked him what the dog's name was, and I finally got a reaction: he wanted to know how I knew about the dog. The people around him herded him into a room before I could answer.

Then I woke up.

It's the first time I've dreamed about dad since he died.
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Now I remember why I suddenly want booze... it would be dad's 67th birthday today.
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Chelsea sent me one of dad's dog-tags. I almost started crying.

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Again. If there isn't any improvement by sometime tomarrow afternoon, they're going to pull the plug.

This is the first update on dad's condition since last time, because my sister had to go to Upper Michigan to bitchslap her ex-husband around in court, and dad's wife Becky apparently doesn't give enough of a damn to actually try and CALL me with info on what's going on.
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They changed dad's medication, and he opened his eyes.
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Mom just told me that if there isn't any improvement in dad's condition by
Friday, they're going to pull the plug.

...I'm gonna need some brandy and orange juice; just wish I could find 50/50 down here.
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...my sister called a bit ago to tell me dad isn't doing very well. I know that she has a tendancy to blow things out of proportion, but... I know that he isn't doing well. He's been in bad shape before (i.e. brain tumors, cushings, blot clots, etc), but it never really sinks in. Cushings' isn't something that you can really recover from, as I understand it. 

I tried calling a bit ago, but there wasn't an answer, so I'm asuming he's sleeping again. His meds knock him out a lot lately.

Edit: Thanks, Avy-chan. Miss you guys.


O_o;  Someone in New Jersey just tried calling my cell phone, but I was in the other room when it rang... and when I tried calling back the number (on both my cell and the house phone, mind), I got a message saying that the number had been recently disconnected.

So, I'm thinking this: Rach or the guys tried calling to make sure Wilma hadn't tried to kick our collective asses down here yet, or EJ...has a NJ calling card? Crossed signals?

Anyone recently tried calling me so I won't be uber paranoid about the "recently disconnected number"thing?


ETA: Not Avy, Rachie, Duo, or any of that gang.

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