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Blah. I decided to skip talking to my psych prof about the final test; he teaches just about every psychology class available so I'll inevitably have to take him again, and I don't want to piss him off. I'll still pass with the C.

*loves on Shino icon*
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so. i thought my final psych test was due by *midnight* thursday - well, apparently i misread the AM/PM, and it was due at NOON! meaning, unless the prof lets me take it late, i'll get a goddamned motherfucking ZERO on my final test! worth 100 points!

all the other tests were due at the end of the day, why the fuck did he randomly change shit?

Prof finally replied to one of the three messages I left him yesterday:


    This was your final exam during final exam week. Therefor different times apply. It was posted in the events ssection.


As long as he doesn't try to fuck me over on my discussion questions grade (I'm raising hell if he gives me less than a 90, because I followed the fucking directions), I'll still pass with a 74.66%, but that's a freaking C! I had a B average before this shit! ><

Gonna go talk to him in office on Monday, see if he's more sympathetic in person. Christ, the only reason I took the damned class online was because I had freaking shingles!

Grr. Gonna go take my Hum final now. Freaking hell.

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So, my FAFSA application was processed, woo. It's for the 2009-2010 school year, but still. Went in to talk to the Financial Aid office to see if they could tell me what I qualify for, etc. The lady looked over the form (I printed and brought it in with me), and said that she couldn't say for certain since they haven't received/uploaded the forms yet, but that it looks like my ECF Number or whatever is too high for me to qualify for anything other than student loans - that *I'm not high-need enough to get any grants!*

Are you serious?! What the fuck! I got laid off in December and am collecting just enough Unemployment Benefits to keep up with my bills, food, etc. A single class would take most of a full 2-week UB check and barely cover the textbook! How the fuck am I not high-need enough to fucking qualify? That's total bullshit! And she barely even mentioned scholarships ("you can look for some") before skipping right over into student loans and crap. Yes, I know that they have low interest rates and that they don't collect until I graduate, but for fucks sake, I'M UNEMPLOYED AND DOING A 2-YEAR ASSOCIATES DEGREE. HOW THE FUCK WOULD I PAY FOR IT? I've only done 2 classes per term up to this point because it was all I could afford, fuckface!

jfkdsla;jfksa;jfdsa *throws things*

Here's hoping she's wrong, 'cause FUCK, I need the goddamned help.

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I got a 92/100 on my first Humanities test! *dances* It covered three chapters' worth of info, and there are only 4 tests total, so it's already a fairly big part of my grade. :D

Just did my weekly posting for Psychology, studying up so I can do the quiz for this chapter. Sensation and Perception, joy. At least I got a 96/100 on the last quiz to make up for the crappy 72/100 I got on the physiology chapter. *wince*

Depending on when I finish on the chapter and get the quiz done, I might go stay the night at my sister's house; she's been bugging me all week to go play the Wii with her, lol. Gotta get homework crap out of the way first.

In related news, this song is my epically awesome study music. The video is just awesome, I love the concept. <3


Jan. 8th, 2009 08:17 pm
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ETA: Awesome! My Comparative Mythology prof from like two years ago still remembers me! :D

I might just have a good turn of luck!

Because of my shingles, I can't really go anywhere until I'm no longer contagious (2-3 weeks, on average). I'd already registered for spring classes, Psychology and Humanities. Luckily, Humanities was online. I talked to my Psy prof, and he said that he could float me for the time I'd be out sick, and I could make it up by attending both monday and wednesday night classes for two weeks, since I was registered for wednesday, and monday class would be behind because of MLK day.

The big problem though, was that said psy prof isn't exactly comp literate, and had some trouble emailing me the syllabus and course info stuff.

Well, for kicks, I went and checked to see what online classes were available for Psy. Lo and behold, there was suddenly an open seat in a class taught by Professor Pimpinelli, who seems to be one of the best profs at PCC, hands down. Score!

I called over to the college, explained how I'm not able to go in myself, and the nice lady hooked me up with the class. Now I just have to wait for them to update the online thing, and I'm good to go~

Still waiting for my textbook to get here, but hopefully it won't take much longer.

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Fucking hell... sat on the waiting list at the college to see a counsellor for over three hours so I could get someone to override the compulsary math course that kept me from registering online, only to find out that the chick at the front desk could have done it all along.

Christ. When I got there at around 1, they were still going through people that had signed in at 10:30!

PCC seriously needs an overhaul, cause that was rediculous.

Blah. Registered for two classes: Honors Psyhology, and Intro Humanities, since I already ordered the books for them.


Dec. 30th, 2008 07:12 pm
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According to Tracy, Michael is considering laying me off completely, even though he no longer has to pay Natasha, since her two weeks' notice was up a while ago.

Tracy, for some reason, suggested that I go to college full-time this semester (which would be 7 classes, for reference). I'm all for that, except it doesn't make any sense, as I can't exactly afford to take more than two classes per term (one of which he pays for) plus books even when I am employed full time. Even when I'm making minimum payments (which I hate doing in the first place), my monthly bills come to around at least $400-$450ish, and that's when I don't spend money on anything other than bills and the occasional grocery run.

Where am I supposed to get the $225 per class (plus books)? ETA: Tracy's apparently going to put off buying a car and lend me the money to take 5 classes and the books.

Gonna check in to financial aid and see what scholarships I can get, too.

I have to go in to see a counselor on Monday anyway, since PCC's epically stupid online registration process isn't letting me register-- basically, once you have a certain number of credits, a block is set so that you're required to register for a math class before it will let you register for anything else. I absolutely refuse to take a math class this term.

So, I'm basically stuck: I have to physically go in to the counselor's office, and have them override the compulsory block to register. I will be so fucking pissed if the Honors Psychology class I'm wanting is booked by then. (Especially since I already bought the book *cough* and it's my freaking major.)

Sigh. Anyone interested in commissioning me for art or web design? I'd really prefer to mooch as little as possible, here. ;-;
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Oi... I'm all signed up for my next college course. Not the one I actually wanted, but... grr.

The bastards at PCC have an extremely stupid Math prerecquisite which says you need to have at score of at least 73 to get into any of the Physical Science courses (which, may I add, are required to obtain the AA degree that I'm aiming for?). The problem?
a) I hate math, and suck quite badly at it.
b) There were questions on there I'd never even heard of before. What class teaches you about Puccette squares?
c) If you fail, you have to wait 30 days before you can take it again.
d) There are only twelve questions in the math section of the test!

That pretty much means I'm only allowed to miss four-ish questions and still be able to pass, and it doesn't help that they won't tell me wtf parts I got wrong. *shakes fist*

At this rate, I'm gonna have to take one or two of the required math courses before I'll be able to pass the stupid prerec for the Physical Science courses. Fucker.

...oh yeah, I'm taking Intro Sociology. Almost forgot to say.

Also, there should be a rule against the required textbooks costing more than half of what the course itself did.
Course = $200
Books = $120

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So. I'm home! Have been for like.. 30 minutes.

Class started at 5:30 tonight, was supposed to last until 8:30. The teacher let us out at 6:34!!

wtf, woman? I didn't pay $200 so you could ask people their favorite myths, then give us like, 20 pages and 10 questions to read/answer, and let us out two hours early! *headdesk*

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