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SlythDra: Thou shalt not rewire the coffee maker to insult the parentage of anyone who uses it.

...also, I may or may not have just found a friend I used to go to HS with on Deviantart. o_O Damn freaky, 'cause I fav'd one of his pics, and then later visited his gallery, and when his username registered in my brain... holy crap. John Ox? Is it really you?
Sent him a note, hope I get a reply soon. <3

EDIT! OHMIGOD. It wasn't Josh, but it IS his little brother! O__O Small damn world, yo. Small damn world...


Apr. 12th, 2006 10:16 pm
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* trib has just *almost* burned his flat to the ground
[bobstay] wow
[bobstay] how did you manage that?
[bobstay] the ground's quite a way away
[trib] I put a big lump of meat int he oven and roasted it
[trib] and used the smoke detector as a timer

...*pointed look at [livejournal.com profile] duo_v_maxwell*

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[gee-1] we should market heart monitor devices that're like implanted. so if you die, it'll remotely run a program, to like make your computer log in, get on irc, and msg your friends that you're dead.

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[Berawler] Is there any sanity or light left in this shrivelled husk of a world?
[SingingDancingMoose] There was, but we had to trade it in for the internet.
[Berawler] That is quite possibly the best response to any question ever.

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Mark Twain was the creator of Christ's middle name.

pwn, dude. pwn.

...*wanders off*

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